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Maryland by Shalott; Last Rites by Dira Sudis

Title: Maryland
Author: Shalott aka astolat
Website: Intimations.org
Pairing: House/Wilson
Rating: None listed but I'm sticking with PG-13 for slash and sexy fadeouts.
Summary: What's so great about Maryland?

I'm semi-superstitious and quite possibly religious about reccing Shalott, so if Smitty's rec didn't convince you to go read her House fic, I'll just add she's the best multi-fandom writer I've ever seen, and you should read all of her fiction.

Why you should read:

Shalott's great gift as a fandom author is in capturing the essence of her characters. She has a phenomenal talent for dialogue and characterization, and when she takes on House, she nails not only our favorite scruffy doctor but Wilson and Cuddy and the rest.

In Maryland, she explores the very believable scenario that another hospital, in this case Johns Hopkins, is trying to lure Wilson away from House--er, from Princeton-Plainsboro.

As we all know, there's only one thing Wilson will stick around New Jersey for. The recurring delight of this fic--I say recurring because like Smitty, I reread this fic every time I look up the link--is in watching House figure out what that thing is.

"Cut the bullshit. There are plenty of 'excellent physicians' out there and Princeton can mostly have their pick."

Cuddy tilted her head. "Does it really matter?"

"Why don't you tell me and find out?"

She leaned over the table at him, giving him a great angle straight down her cleavage, which sadly he wasn't at all in the mood to appreciate. "See, I'm pretty sure I don't have to. I think you're going to do everything you can to help me anyway."

"Really," he said grimly.

"Really. Unless you want the only person you like enough to treat like a human being to move to Maryland."


Title: Last Rites.
Author: Dira Sudis aka dsudis
Website: Words Words Words
Pairing: Gen, with Chase/Cameron, House/Cameron undertones
Rating: PG for angst
Summary: Set a couple months past the events of "Cursed": House has some bad news for Chase, and a surprise for Cameron.

Why you should read:
This is the sort of fic that makes you really relish fanfic, because it's borne in on you as you read how completely fanfiction is able to extrapolate and stretch out the most satisfying moments in canon. This is an immensely satisfying fic, painful and gorgeous and strikingly written, full of poignance and hesitant moments that linger long after the fic has ended.

"Last Rites" is among the most canonical fics I've read thus far in the House fandom. Where most fics have a tendency to focus on the fast pace and snappy dialogue of the show, Dira Sudis has written a fic that is slow-paced and haunting. The caustic wit is still there, but the fact that this fic takes place around a funeral means that when the wit does arrive, it's often as heartbreaking as it is acerbic.

There are too many things in this 65k fic that ring true and give you that tingly 'Yes! this is canon!' feeling to mention. Particularly, Dira has done the best job I've ever seen of rendering Cameron, here presented as the vulnerably edgy bundle of contradictions that make her simultaneously annoying, frustrating, and always endearing. As the narrator of the final two-thirds of the story, she is the perfect vehicle through which we see first House's vulnerabilities, and then Chase's. Chase's anger, petulance, passion, and earnesty are as riveting as they are perfectly drawn, and the final moments of this fic leave us feeling drained but content, as if we've been on the journey with Cameron into Chase's dark land down under.


Chase hadn't mentioned his father ever since that bizarre day they'd spent with the other Dr. Chase consulting, House taking an unholy glee in the situation and Chase clamming up tight. For three weeks afterward, though, every time Chase hit his second after-work drink he would snarl about House--something trivial, usually, the kind of stuff Chase had always found amusing before. Eventually he'd gotten back to normal--Foreman took a turn being the bitterest and Chase started defending House again--and now his father was dead, and Chase was on a plane to Australia, and House was standing there drinking his coffee at Cameron in a very pointed way.

By the way, I'm Aja, and I'm delighted to be here. I hope you guys enjoy this community--thanks to Mab for letting me be a part of it!
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