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Safe From Harm by Maya Tawi (Gen)

Title: Safe From Harm
Author: Maya Tawi
Author's website: Zippos & Safety Pins
Pairing: None, Gen House, Chase
Rating: Action Movie -- a little language, a smidge of violence

I found this fic in progress earlier this week and yay now it's done, so I can wave my arms and babble incoherently at ya'll.

Every week we see patients who are the innocent victims of the mechanics of their own bodies. In this story, however, the threat comes from the outside and we find a House who takes on crime the same way he takes on disease -- though sadly without his arsenal of encyclopedic knowledge. It's part mystery, part action/adventure, and even part comedy because House never shuts up. There are certain lines and situations that are SO true to the established canon that I want to point and say, "Look! That's in character because in THIS episode, Chase said THIS and it's almost like THAT." There's no pairing but there's fantastic chemistry between House and Cuddy, House and Wilson, House and Chase...and at times, I think, maybe even House and his cane. Chase plays a rather large part and he's the bright, funny, arrogant kid we saw in episodes 1-13. (Before he Suddenly Went Evil.) Foreman and Cameron aren't excluded, they just well, lucked out, because being House's partner in this misadventure is not fun. Except, of course, for the reader.

"It looks like my wife's life is in danger and you're popping pills!"

Chase coughed and said in a low voice, "Listen, you really don't want to--"

"That first part isn't exactly my fault, is it?" House interrupted loudly. "Actually, come to think about it, neither is the second. You got a problem, take it up with my leg muscles. Oh wait, you can't-- they're dead." He swallowed the pill with a savage flourish, glaring a challenge at Knowles the whole time.

"--go there," Chase finished with a sigh.

Safe From Harm. Read. Love. Feedback.
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