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Fic rec: Blow the Candles Out

Title: Blow the Candles Out
Author: Syal (bethfrish)
Pairing: House/Wilson
Rating: R

"Someone's got a crush on you," Wilson teases.

"Oh my god, you think so?" House asks excitedly before his face goes blank. He tosses his coffee in the wastebasket next to Wilson's desk with a muffled thunk.

"There was still coffee in that," Wilson says, peering down into the abyss of crumpled paper. "You made a mess. You know," he says, looking past House to stare at the ceiling reflectively, "when I was a kid I asked for this little army action figure for four years in a row. He came with this plastic parachute that sprung out from his little plastic backpack. I thought it was so cool. My parents never got it for me."

"I think you've told me this story already. And I think I told you that it's obvious to one and all that your parents didn't love you."

Wilson throws the July issue of People at him.


Because this fic is relatively early in the House fandom it uses the much-discussed trope of having Wilson's latest wife Julie be a complete bitch--and it delivers. This is a very, very sensitive fic, and everything about the characters, bitchy third wife included, is handled with delicacy and a kind of cynical gentleness. There's something kind of lulling about this fic--the angst and loneliness at the center of it is the stuff of bad dreams. Wilson and House here are perfectly voiced, especially Wilson, who seems to be struggling in his various roles here, not just his role as husband but his role as Wilson, the responsible adult. Which is one thing that makes the ending of this fic so particularly satisfying and sweet.

The doorbell chimes again as he passes through the kitchen, and Julie flashes an irritated look that hovers in the air and follows him into the next room. "Greg," Wilson says, smiling wearily as he pulls open the door.

They have a deal too. Wilson stops denying that his marriage is crumbling around him and House keeps in all the things he wants to say about Julie.


Sometimes they both catch each other breaking their promises, but it works, most of the time.

"Blow the Candles Out" is beautifully written and lingering. I love this fic. I think you will too.
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