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Title: Penumbra
Author: karabana
Rating: G (I'd probably make it PG only because the themes would be over the heads of, and not entertaining to, all audiences but the author made it G and there's no language, sex, or violence to refute that. It's not her fault I'm hard-core.)

This one came up a few days ago and I left it up on my browser for a bit to decide whether it was going to stand a test of time and after a few readings, I decided that yes, it fills a need. One that I have, at least, and that's a deeper exploration into Chase's betrayal of House to Vogler and why House didn't fire him. It works off a theory I've seen before, but won't spoil here, and it makes it work by illustration rather than exposition. There are several metaphors in the narration that I like quite a bit and the end seems determined to get me every time. It's not a perfect story, but it's worth reading, especially if you like Chase and you're convinced there's more behind the arc than, "He just randomly went evil."
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