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A little light reading... 1 H/W, 1 H/C, 1 Cuddy fic

The History of the World, by Wintertime.
House/Wilson, PG-13

"Well, I was going to give you time to shake the cloud of spousal depression that follows you wherever you go, but then I realized - - you're you. Divorce is inevitable. Ergo, I stole brownies from sick children to give you some help shaking off the aftermath. I'm sure you don't need a pep talk. For every woman that leaves you for a tennis instructor or a pizza delivery boy, there's always another one with her mother on speed dial willing to sleep with you just so she can call and say she met a doctor."

"You have a real knack for lowering my opinion of humanity."

Why I love it: Characterisation, emotion, speculation, conviction. Wilson's secondhand joy, pain, frustration (pretty much in that order) seep through House's point of view. And House settling for having Wilson to himself, even in a completely platonic way, is so angst-ridden and believable of his character. It's House in love without a softening of the snark factor and a curious look at why we only see what we want to see.

Implication by myalchod
Drabble, G, no ships, Cuddy-centric, takes place during "Control"

I'm not going to quote it because with a drabble that's like giving away the ending. It's an in-depth examination of both Cuddy's character and her (professional) relationship with House, surprising considering the length. Somehow their short interaction shows how they keep each other human. One of the better drabbles I've read.

Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road by amelia_kay
House/Cameron, PG probably, 400 words

Cameron's definitely Dorothy, all dreamy naivete and optimism. He smirks when he thinks of Chase as the brainless scarecrow. Foreman's not exactly a cowardly lion, but he'll do.

And, well, somebody had to be the tin man.

Why You Should Read It: Because, like House, I am a sucker for a poignant metaphor. Really, I should leave it at that. It's 400 words and not a single one is out of place. It's House as J. Alfred Prufrock, really, terrified of his own emotions without stating it overtly. I won't go so far as to say it's House's character in 400 words because I don't think anyone can do that, but it's the closest I've ever seen.

To think that I set out to rec smut. Oh well, everyone's already read the fics I was going to rec anyway. So read these.
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