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Side Effects, by Isagel. House/Wilson.

When I got hired for this gig, our illustrious Queen Mab spake unto me thus:

"Go forth and rec me some buttsex that'll make my ovaries quake."

And so, because someone had to do it: Side Effects, by isagel.

House/Wilson, NC-17.

It should perhaps have surprised him when Thursday night came along to find him not twisting and turning on the lumpy couch, but lying flat on his back in the bedroom, with his legs spread and his hands gripping the headboard, but he'd been too busy not actually passing out from pleasure to bother with the pretence. Best friends were good for a lot of things, as it turned out.

And so, not a week after flunking marriage for the third time, he was spending his Saturday afternoon face down on House's bed, with House's weight on top of him, his lips on the back of his neck, his heat all around him, and the single thought in his head was that he'd never be able to live without this ever again.

And not even that was a surprise.

Why you should read:
As I explore the fandom, depictions of Wilson as a submissive don't really do it for me, but this fic has one thing that trumps all other factors, even the really hot sex: it deals openly and honestly with House's injury and his addiction, and how they both could hypothetically intrude into his sex life. No H/W fic I've read yet has treated these two factors as genuinely as this one. And just--
“How touching. He must really love me.”

Yes, he wanted to say. Yes, he really does. But you didn’t profess undying love for Gregory House any more than you showed him concern. He wouldn’t let you.

“Talk to me,” was what he said instead, carefully keeping his voice level, despite the weirdness of the situation.
Yes. That's so Wilson. Honestly, if you ship Platonic!House/Wilson and don't want to make the leap into FuckBunny!House/Wilson, this fic might make you reconsider, because of the way it delineates so clearly Wilson's protective, conflicted feelings for House--simultaneously trapped by him, and full of longing for him. Her Wilson is so perfectly voiced I kept hearing Robert Sean Leonard growling sweet nothings in my head. And not even that could distract me from this fic.

Side Effects. Enjoy. And may your ovaries quake as much as mine did.
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