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House Fanfiction Recommendations' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
House Fanfiction Recommendations

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Safe From Harm by Maya Tawi (Gen) [26 May 2005|07:23pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Title: Safe From Harm
Author: Maya Tawi
Author's website: Zippos & Safety Pins
Pairing: None, Gen House, Chase
Rating: Action Movie -- a little language, a smidge of violence

I found this fic in progress earlier this week and yay now it's done, so I can wave my arms and babble incoherently at ya'll.

Every week we see patients who are the innocent victims of the mechanics of their own bodies. In this story, however, the threat comes from the outside and we find a House who takes on crime the same way he takes on disease -- though sadly without his arsenal of encyclopedic knowledge. It's part mystery, part action/adventure, and even part comedy because House never shuts up. There are certain lines and situations that are SO true to the established canon that I want to point and say, "Look! That's in character because in THIS episode, Chase said THIS and it's almost like THAT." There's no pairing but there's fantastic chemistry between House and Cuddy, House and Wilson, House and Chase...and at times, I think, maybe even House and his cane. Chase plays a rather large part and he's the bright, funny, arrogant kid we saw in episodes 1-13. (Before he Suddenly Went Evil.) Foreman and Cameron aren't excluded, they just well, lucked out, because being House's partner in this misadventure is not fun. Except, of course, for the reader.

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Safe From Harm. Read. Love. Feedback.

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Fic rec: Blow the Candles Out [21 May 2005|07:10pm]

Title: Blow the Candles Out
Author: Syal (bethfrish)
Pairing: House/Wilson
Rating: R

"Someone's got a crush on you," Wilson teases.

"Oh my god, you think so?" House asks excitedly before his face goes blank. He tosses his coffee in the wastebasket next to Wilson's desk with a muffled thunk.

"There was still coffee in that," Wilson says, peering down into the abyss of crumpled paper. "You made a mess. You know," he says, looking past House to stare at the ceiling reflectively, "when I was a kid I asked for this little army action figure for four years in a row. He came with this plastic parachute that sprung out from his little plastic backpack. I thought it was so cool. My parents never got it for me."

"I think you've told me this story already. And I think I told you that it's obvious to one and all that your parents didn't love you."

Wilson throws the July issue of People at him.


Because this fic is relatively early in the House fandom it uses the much-discussed trope of having Wilson's latest wife Julie be a complete bitch--and it delivers. This is a very, very sensitive fic, and everything about the characters, bitchy third wife included, is handled with delicacy and a kind of cynical gentleness. There's something kind of lulling about this fic--the angst and loneliness at the center of it is the stuff of bad dreams. Wilson and House here are perfectly voiced, especially Wilson, who seems to be struggling in his various roles here, not just his role as husband but his role as Wilson, the responsible adult. Which is one thing that makes the ending of this fic so particularly satisfying and sweet.

The doorbell chimes again as he passes through the kitchen, and Julie flashes an irritated look that hovers in the air and follows him into the next room. "Greg," Wilson says, smiling wearily as he pulls open the door.

They have a deal too. Wilson stops denying that his marriage is crumbling around him and House keeps in all the things he wants to say about Julie.


Sometimes they both catch each other breaking their promises, but it works, most of the time.

"Blow the Candles Out" is beautifully written and lingering. I love this fic. I think you will too.
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1 Chase, Gen [16 May 2005|11:00pm]

[ mood | sore ]

Title: Penumbra
Author: karabana
Rating: G (I'd probably make it PG only because the themes would be over the heads of, and not entertaining to, all audiences but the author made it G and there's no language, sex, or violence to refute that. It's not her fault I'm hard-core.)

This one came up a few days ago and I left it up on my browser for a bit to decide whether it was going to stand a test of time and after a few readings, I decided that yes, it fills a need. One that I have, at least, and that's a deeper exploration into Chase's betrayal of House to Vogler and why House didn't fire him. It works off a theory I've seen before, but won't spoil here, and it makes it work by illustration rather than exposition. There are several metaphors in the narration that I like quite a bit and the end seems determined to get me every time. It's not a perfect story, but it's worth reading, especially if you like Chase and you're convinced there's more behind the arc than, "He just randomly went evil."

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A little light reading... 1 H/W, 1 H/C, 1 Cuddy fic [16 May 2005|10:49am]

The History of the World, by Wintertime.
House/Wilson, PG-13

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Why I love it: Characterisation, emotion, speculation, conviction. Wilson's secondhand joy, pain, frustration (pretty much in that order) seep through House's point of view. And House settling for having Wilson to himself, even in a completely platonic way, is so angst-ridden and believable of his character. It's House in love without a softening of the snark factor and a curious look at why we only see what we want to see.

Implication by myalchod
Drabble, G, no ships, Cuddy-centric, takes place during "Control"

I'm not going to quote it because with a drabble that's like giving away the ending. It's an in-depth examination of both Cuddy's character and her (professional) relationship with House, surprising considering the length. Somehow their short interaction shows how they keep each other human. One of the better drabbles I've read.

Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road by amelia_kay
House/Cameron, PG probably, 400 words

Collapse )

Why You Should Read It: Because, like House, I am a sucker for a poignant metaphor. Really, I should leave it at that. It's 400 words and not a single one is out of place. It's House as J. Alfred Prufrock, really, terrified of his own emotions without stating it overtly. I won't go so far as to say it's House's character in 400 words because I don't think anyone can do that, but it's the closest I've ever seen.

To think that I set out to rec smut. Oh well, everyone's already read the fics I was going to rec anyway. So read these.
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Side Effects, by Isagel. House/Wilson. [13 May 2005|08:20pm]

When I got hired for this gig, our illustrious Queen Mab spake unto me thus:

"Go forth and rec me some buttsex that'll make my ovaries quake."

And so, because someone had to do it: Side Effects, by isagel.

House/Wilson, NC-17.

Collapse )

Why you should read:
As I explore the fandom, depictions of Wilson as a submissive don't really do it for me, but this fic has one thing that trumps all other factors, even the really hot sex: it deals openly and honestly with House's injury and his addiction, and how they both could hypothetically intrude into his sex life. No H/W fic I've read yet has treated these two factors as genuinely as this one. And just--
“How touching. He must really love me.”

Yes, he wanted to say. Yes, he really does. But you didn’t profess undying love for Gregory House any more than you showed him concern. He wouldn’t let you.

“Talk to me,” was what he said instead, carefully keeping his voice level, despite the weirdness of the situation.
Yes. That's so Wilson. Honestly, if you ship Platonic!House/Wilson and don't want to make the leap into FuckBunny!House/Wilson, this fic might make you reconsider, because of the way it delineates so clearly Wilson's protective, conflicted feelings for House--simultaneously trapped by him, and full of longing for him. Her Wilson is so perfectly voiced I kept hearing Robert Sean Leonard growling sweet nothings in my head. And not even that could distract me from this fic.

Side Effects. Enjoy. And may your ovaries quake as much as mine did.
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1 House/Wilson, 1 House/Cameron [11 May 2005|05:50pm]

My First Official Rec Ever: Anger Management
Author: moonlash (countesschiana@ yahoo.com)
Warnings: General darkness, adult themes, House/Wilson pre-slash.
Why you should go read it right now: Excellent speculation and insight into what makes Wilson tick, and what ticks him off. Be warned, though, this story will put you through an emotional meat grinder. The first time I read it, the anger, resentment and frustration got to me so much that I needed a punching bag. The imagery, the depth of emotion, everything in this story is just intense. Read it and learn what goes on behind James Wilson's quiet exterior.

He wanted to grab him by the lapels and shake him sane. Or smack him. Right upside his thick head, the stubborn idiot, going through hell and refusing to see it for what it was. Refusing to accept, to acknowledge, that he needed...

Wilson takes another deep breath, until the tension in the back of his neck screams at him in sheer head-splitting rage.

It was all for nothing.

And Contrast
By Mrs. Niles Crane
Ships: House/Cameron, because I like it. And, you know, something for everyone.

No warnings on this one, folks. It's a little bit AU and a little bit meta and a lot trippy, one of those stories that will have your head spinning because you are just as confused as Cameron is. Formatting is different; I like that. Actually, everything about it is different, so if you're searching for that run-of-the-mill out-of-character House/Cameron fluff... look away. The author's Cameron is spot-on, pretty much encapsulating the growth of her spine in canon while stopping short of having her get the better of House. And House is, of course, perplexing and confusing as ever.

But, as always, she counted the little things.

The little, idealistically over-analyzed things.


She shouldn't have thought about that. Because, once she did, the constantly-multiplying possibilities for interpretation were bouncing off the walls of her apartment, spoken by the chapped lips and strained vocal chords of a girl who really had no idea what to do with herself.

And Now...

Hi, I'm Kaitie, and I'm a House fanfiction addict. I like my stories like I like my chocolate: dark. I will ship (and rec) just about anything if I see it done believably. I love House (king of snark! Yes, his angst brings me pleasure. I'm a sick one.) and Foreman (when do we get to explore his background?). Cameron is somewhat annoying for all her endearing qualities and makes me feel like a bad person, but that doesn't mean I don't like her. Wilson is my sex toy and you can't have him. The only character I sincerely dislike, besides the obvious Vogler, is Chase, and I am pretty sure I will eventually love him again, anyway.
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Maryland by Shalott; Last Rites by Dira Sudis [10 May 2005|11:52pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Title: Maryland
Author: Shalott aka astolat
Website: Intimations.org
Pairing: House/Wilson
Rating: None listed but I'm sticking with PG-13 for slash and sexy fadeouts.
Summary: What's so great about Maryland?

I'm semi-superstitious and quite possibly religious about reccing Shalott, so if Smitty's rec didn't convince you to go read her House fic, I'll just add she's the best multi-fandom writer I've ever seen, and you should read all of her fiction.

Why you should read:

Shalott's great gift as a fandom author is in capturing the essence of her characters. She has a phenomenal talent for dialogue and characterization, and when she takes on House, she nails not only our favorite scruffy doctor but Wilson and Cuddy and the rest.

In Maryland, she explores the very believable scenario that another hospital, in this case Johns Hopkins, is trying to lure Wilson away from House--er, from Princeton-Plainsboro.

As we all know, there's only one thing Wilson will stick around New Jersey for. The recurring delight of this fic--I say recurring because like Smitty, I reread this fic every time I look up the link--is in watching House figure out what that thing is.

Collapse )


Title: Last Rites.
Author: Dira Sudis aka dsudis
Website: Words Words Words
Pairing: Gen, with Chase/Cameron, House/Cameron undertones
Rating: PG for angst
Summary: Set a couple months past the events of "Cursed": House has some bad news for Chase, and a surprise for Cameron.

Why you should read:
This is the sort of fic that makes you really relish fanfic, because it's borne in on you as you read how completely fanfiction is able to extrapolate and stretch out the most satisfying moments in canon. This is an immensely satisfying fic, painful and gorgeous and strikingly written, full of poignance and hesitant moments that linger long after the fic has ended.

"Last Rites" is among the most canonical fics I've read thus far in the House fandom. Where most fics have a tendency to focus on the fast pace and snappy dialogue of the show, Dira Sudis has written a fic that is slow-paced and haunting. The caustic wit is still there, but the fact that this fic takes place around a funeral means that when the wit does arrive, it's often as heartbreaking as it is acerbic.

There are too many things in this 65k fic that ring true and give you that tingly 'Yes! this is canon!' feeling to mention. Particularly, Dira has done the best job I've ever seen of rendering Cameron, here presented as the vulnerably edgy bundle of contradictions that make her simultaneously annoying, frustrating, and always endearing. As the narrator of the final two-thirds of the story, she is the perfect vehicle through which we see first House's vulnerabilities, and then Chase's. Chase's anger, petulance, passion, and earnesty are as riveting as they are perfectly drawn, and the final moments of this fic leave us feeling drained but content, as if we've been on the journey with Cameron into Chase's dark land down under.

Collapse )

By the way, I'm Aja, and I'm delighted to be here. I hope you guys enjoy this community--thanks to Mab for letting me be a part of it!

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Pathogenesis & Intervention by Shalott [08 May 2005|11:41pm]

[ mood | productive ]

Title: Pathogenesis & Intervention
Author: shalott
Author's website: Intimations
Pairing: House/Wilson
Rating: "Mature audiences" -- people have sex. Good sex.

I'm kicking off recs with this story because it's one of my very favorite House, MD fics. In this fandom, it's difficult to couch initiate internal character development through external plot because the external plot (canonically) is heavy not just on medicine but on obscure medicine. What Shalott does here is take the basics of a disease and use that to craft her plot. (I have no clue if she's a medical professional or not, but it sounds like she does her research -- not that I would know otherwise.) From there, her character interaction is sharp and true to established character, and allows her to explore the permissions and limitations of an existing relationship between House and Wilson.

It's worth noting that every time I go to the page to get the URL to pimp this fic, I wind up re-reading it. It's just that good.

PS: Hi, I'm Smitty and I'll rec just about anything I read that I think is good, including House/Wilson, House/Cameron, Duckling fic, gen, het, slash, PWP, plot, and a partridge in a pear tree. But I have never met a really well-written partridge in a pear tree.

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